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The Killers no. 1 Reign Just Won't Let Up, Band Thank Fans

The Killers continue their no. 1 streak on the charts. Besides having the no. 1 album in the US, UK, & Australia, they tweeted fans thanking them for making their album, "Wonderful Wonderful," no. 1 Worldwide with 208.000 equivalent sales. The band also Tweeted about their first no. 1 in 11 years since "When You Were Young" with "The Man" dethroning Portugal. The Man's "Feel It Still" on The Alternative Charts. "The Man" earns the #1 spot on the strength of its 3,109 tracking period spins on radio and is one of their most successful singles in years.

bflow they keep doing that.

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Tags: brandon flowers / the killers, music / musician (alternative and indie), ratings / charts

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