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George Clooney speaks out about Harvey Weinstein

- While many women have spoke out against Harvey Weinstein, very few men in the industry spoke out about the allegations. We also read earlier today that Matt Damon and Russell Crowe helped bury a story involving Harvey Weinstein employing an Italian pimp to procure women for him.
- George Clooney spoke out about the allegations in an interview with Marlow Stern. He calls the allegations "disturbing on a whole lot of levels". He also calls Weinstein's behavior "indefensible" and states that he's known Harvey for 20 years and has never seen this type of behavior from the producer (surejan.gif).
- He heard rumors that actresses would sleep with Harvey to get a role but he thought it was just a way of demeaning actresses so he didn't put too much stock into it.
- They speak about people criticizing Meryl for not knowing and George responds that he had no idea it went to the extent that it did and didn't know these women were victimized and threatened.

more at the source
Tags: film, george clooney, harvey weinstein, scandal
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