Rose McGowan calls for the entire board of the Weinstein Company to resign

In 2016 McGowan revealed she had been raped by a movie executive which people speculated was Harvey Weinstein. Since the NYT revealed the decades worth of allegations against Weinstein's predatory behaviour McGowan hasn't officially confirmed it was he that raped her (probably do to a NDA related to a settlement), but she's been pretty openly supportive of the women coming forward. And she's not done yet, calling the entire board of directors complicit along with a few other high-profile actors and directors:

The men of Hollywood need to know they own no woman. The days of Entourage-like behavior and thinking is as dated as your largely bro nature.

I’m calling on the board to resign effective immediately, and for other men to stop other men when they are being disgusting.

She was also unimpressed that Kevin Smith, who credited Weinstein with funding the first 14 years of his career, felt "ashamed":

And she had this to say to Matt Damon:

And the Afflecks:

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