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The Flash 4x01 The Flash Reborn - Extended Promo, Interview, Description & More

The Flash 4x01 Extended Promo

The Flash EP Teases a Lighter Season 4

-Being stuck in the Speed Force was a ~cleansing experience for Barry, washing away his doubts, fears, guilt and all that Season 3 negativity - he loves being The Flash again finally, and Season 4 is his fresh start.
-HOWEVER, there's some 'comedy' over who's actually in charge once Barry returns, as Iris has been the leader of Team Flash since his disappearance, but Kreisberg promises this is all comedic and part of the show's lighter tone as Westallen go into couples therapy over who's the boss.
-"The two of them with the therapist is some of the funniest stuff we have ever done on this show, but it also leads to a deepening of their relationship."
-Making Iris team leader has given her agency on the show that she hasn't always had: "She’s always been smart, and funny, and proud, and brave, and eager, but she didn’t always have the authority that she has this season."

-The writers thought it'd be hilarious for Cisco to meet [redacted]/Cynthia's dad, as he melted her heart and is unable to melt her dad's, and Breacher had to be tough like Cynthia is.
-Someone jokingly mentioned Danny Trejo, and they laughed and presumed he'd never do this, but it turned out he was already a fan of the show and very eager to be on it, and loved the character of Breacher.
-That too is part of doing more fun stories with optimism and hilarity

-Re: Wells - Season 4 picks up with EARTH-2 HARRY WELLS
-They did three different Wells' in the past three seasons, but they realised there was 'meat on the bone' with Earth-2 Harry still - he realises he doesn't actually have a life, so Season 4 for him is about realising what is missing in his life and what he needs in order to become a complete person.
-Harry goes on a "fairly epic emotional journey" which is tied to season villain The Thinker's plans.
-But we will see another Wells this season too.

4x01 The Flash Reborn - Episode Description & Promo Pics

With Barry in the speed force, The West Family & Cisco/Vibe have taken over protecting Central City.
When a powerful armored villain threatens to level the city if The Flash doesn’t appear, Cisco makes a risky decision to break Barry out of the speed force. However, the Barry that comes out isn’t the same Barry that went in.
Airing 10th October, aka TOMORROW.

 photo flashontd 4x01_zpseibilpqu.png

 photo FLA401a_0033b_zpsfsa07g1n.jpg
 photo FLA401a_0151b_zpsv5slqhzj.jpg
 photo FLA401a_0208b_zpshrjzajhg.jpg
 photo FLA401a_0269b_zps9cciefwz.jpg
 photo FLA401b_0056b_zpshbaxirj2.jpg
 photo FLA401b_0255b_zpseqxw6ajt.jpg

Sources: EW Twitter, 4x01 Details, Promo

Are you ready for a lighter funner season, ONTD FlashFam? Tune in tomorrow night for the Season 4 premier!

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