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"The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson" director accused of stealing another filmmaker's work

- David France's film The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, a documentary about the famous activist/Gay Liberation Front founder and her mysterious death in 1992, came out on Netflix this weekend (look ha up if you somehow don't know her)
- Reina Gossett, a black trans woman filmmaker who was (also) irl friends with Marsha and made a fictional short film earlier this year called Happy Birthday, Marsha! about the hours before the Stonewall Riots, says that he ripped off her research work and got a grant to make his film after "[getting] inspired" by her application video, hired her former associates, etc.
- Activist and author Janet Mock is speaking out in Reina's defense
- France denies it and says he made an effort not to overlap with her work, etc.

Yikes tbh. I'm not familiar with either filmmaker's work, but this sounds sketch as fuck. I was looking forward to watching that doc, but...
Source (Janet's Twitter) | David France's Twitter
Tags: black celebrities, film - documentary, film director, lgbtq / rights, netflix, what is the truth, you in danger

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