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Who Went Home on 'Bromans' Episode IV? 👣

Bust out your mandals and bb oil, it's time for another tantalizing episode of your new favorite show! ITV2's hit new reality series Bromans aired its fourth episode, challenging 8 sexy couples to live as if in ancient Roman times, as the boys duke it out to see who will be crowned Britain's Next Broman Superstar.

Jordan and Jade

Dino and Cherelle

Rich and Sophii [Eliminated first ep]

Tian and Natalie

Glenn and Summer

Tom and Rhiannon

Brandon and Nic

Kai and Modina [Eliminated second ep]

Liam and Ellie [Introduced in the second ep]

Callum and Rachel [Introduced in the third ep]

David Mcintosh as gladiator wrangler Doctore and Tom Bell as Roman adviser Dominus

And the Voice of Bromans Roman Kemp

And [Spoiler (click to open)]an unknown, mysterious, old, white man as the Emperor

In Episode IV, Liam and Jordan were locked away in ye ol' Roman jail for 16 hours without food or water as punishment for almost being sent home last week. Their girlfriends Ellie and Jade took their place in the cesspit, competing alongside the boys in this week's mini-challenge. Determined, Ellie won her challenge, something her boyfriend Liam has never been able to do. But because this is ancient times, the ladies are next sent to work in the kitchen, skinning meat to prepare meals for their hungry lad-iators.

Back in the colosseum, the bros were challenged to lather up in oil and get down and dirty, wrestling for bragging rights.

Liam and Jordan spent most of the episode in the Emperor's prison.

Their gfs competed in their place.

After the ladies fed the lads, they took turns oiling up their bfs' opponents.

The boys battled it out in a brutal display of buss and power.

After the games, Girthy Glenn and Tian found themselves up for Banishment. And though the citizens of Rome voted equally to save both lads, the Emperor asked Tian to Strip That Down.m4a to his metallic-gold budgie smugglers and sashay away.

Good luck with your legal troubles, mate!

The epic saga continues Thursday on ITV2.

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Bromans Episode I | Episode II | Episode III


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