Marc Jacobs warns: Rising tide of political correctness is a 'dangerous' threat to creativity

He Made the remarks at an Oxford Union where he addressed 400 students


“I think it's very dangerous to say: ‘You can't use this, you can't look at that, you can’t borrow from that, you can't be inspired by that’.

“You know, ‘stay in your own lane’. I don't really understand that mentality and I think it's a very dangerous way of thinking.”

I don’t believe there should be a border patrol on what’s okay to look at or be inspired by, so I stand by that, but I did learn that a conversation requires listening to the other person talking.”

Edward Enninful, who is the first black and first male editor of British Vogue told students that he has no problem with appropriation: “If someone is inspired by something, then as long as they tell you where it’s from, acknowledge the history of where an idea came from, then I’m fine with it. We work in fashion, and it's a dream, but we should credit the source.”