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Shadowhunters Roundup - NYCC, Promo, Casting & Season 3 News

NYCC Trailer - Season 3 First Look

Javier Muñoz & Anna Hopkins Cast

-Anna Hopkins (Defiance) is cast as Season 3's main villain (Sebastian's 'mother'), Lilith.
-Javier Muñoz (Hamilton, in Hamilton) cast as Lorenzo Rey, a wicked Warlock rival and "major adversary" of Magnus Bane, come to cause trouble for him across multiple episodes. Whilst not treading the boards on Broadway, Javi is a longtime superfan of the show!

NYCC Shadowhunters Panel

-Next season picks up a few hours after the end of season 2
-Lots of bigger fights coming up, the cast do most of their own stunts apart from things too dangerous and train constantly for them, and the stunt team train them to do more each season.
-Lilith: major season villain but you feel for her, she’s someone who has been betrayed, and she’s coming for Jace -she’s pissed af about him killing Sebastian as her blood is in his veins so he’s the only ‘child’ she’s ever had
-Freeform announces an extra ten episodes to air next summer, so 20 episode order.
-Sister Cleophas is back!
-April 3rd the show returns

-Lots of applause for Isaiah and Luke – he’s going to have a hell of a hangover, and he’s very protective of the Shadow world against his partner’s meddling
-Isaiah is all Dad Luke and doesn’t think Clary should be dating – just concentrate on being a Shadowhunter!
- This season, Isaiah would tell Luke to get earmuffs cos he does not want to hear what’s going on in that Boat House... and to get the Health Department down to the Jade Wolf asap
-Will be seeing more of Luke’s backstory and his trials around Werewolf life; Luke will be featuring way more this season supposedly

Alisha/Maia, Saia
-Alisha hyped af to be season regular! She finds Maia very aspirational, as does Kat.
-Some Simon talk, no1curr. Apart from Alisha, who loves all Simon time.
-Kat and Alisha work together a bit this season, both very excited!
-This season, Alisha would tell Maia to heal and forgive.

Kat/Clary, Clace
-Whatever was going on with Jace at the end of Season 2 after being brought back from the dead by Clary using Raziel’s wish is directly related to that, and Kat says that it wasn’t a good thing to do – the fall out of that will impact all the other characters.
-There are consequences to Jace being brought back from the dead, Matt calls him an “undead sexy Shadowhunters”
-Kat on the Consequences of saving Jace: the Raziel wish was meant to be a last ditch failsafe to save the world if everything was going wrong, and Clary used it to save her boyfriend... welp.
-This season, Kat would tell Clary to trust her gut, don’t be afraid to take charge and take care of the people she loves, and don’t be afraid to do what she has to do.

-She’s stronger than ever and the new Weapons Master of the Institute. She respects Mundanes more now and sees value in them thanks to the AA meetings and getting off Yin Fen.
-Simon/Izzy is coming (yawn) but they say “patience”

-Matt is wearing a hand painted Malec hat!
-Matt on Alec going into season 3: “what is happiness?” Right now Alec is pretty happy, but it’s just coming out of the back end of Season 2 so he’s pretty stressed, and he’s just going into the complex parts of his relationship with Magnus – he’s worried for Alec getting stressed out. But he’ll be ok in the end!
-We’ll see what it’s like to be a new normal couple, but also the complexity of the fact Magnus has immortality and Alec does not...
-Matt gives a fan his Malec hat and a hug because she got knocked over last year at NYCC and took stitches to the face – Isaiah tells everyone not to go out and get knocked out just to get hugs from Matthew
-Matt gives out a Malec t-shirt and hug to another fan about to have surgery a bit later on, and Kat and Alisha and Isaiah come down to hug her too, sweet cast is sweet
-This season, Matt would tell Alec to relax and thing thinks through... temper temper.

Cast Photoshoot at NYCC, by Hollywood Life

Cute Cast Out & About at NYCC!

Season Three - Behind The Scenes

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Are you not patient enough to wait until April 3rd, ShadowFam?
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