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Creator of Honest Trailers accused of sexual harassment by multiple women

- Andy Signore is the creator of Honest Trailers
-Honest Trailers is under the channel Screen Junkies which is owned by Defy Media
-Honest Trailers have been nominated for 2 Emmys, including this year.
-He writes Honest Trailers with 3 other guys who, so far, have not been accused of anything. They have all said they will not return to work till Andy is removed.
-Naturally, he is married and has a kid too.
-Defy knew about this and chose to silence the women and take Andy's side

A thread about Defy learning about it and choosing not to do anything

-So far, no comment from Andy or Defy.
-One of the ladies he harassed is the girlfriend of the engineer for SJ he posted this:

The other guys he works with on Honest Trailers have said this:

-Other former female employees who never got harassed expressed that they worked there inspite of rather than with him.
-Also other fans coming forward with some inappropriate DMs he sent them.

Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

This one has been brewing for a while if you follow these movie type channels.
Tags: internet celebrities, legal / lawsuit, sexism, viral

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