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Blade Runner 2049 actress Sylvia Hoeks says Her blond hair was dyed to give her an Asian look

In the interview (20 September, 2017) in Dutch Magazine Algemeen Dagblad ,Blade Runner 2049 actress Sylvia Hoeks who plays Luv in the film explains Her blond hair was dyed to give her an Asian look.

"I did not wear wig. I had become the Japanese version of myself, "says Hoeks during an interview session in Berlin where she is the world press. "With my best friend I occasionally greeted in Japanese . Nobody recognized me initially in the movie. Not even one of the writers while he was talking to me for half an hour. He really asked me: what do you actually do in this movie. ''

ONTD ,  Have you ever dyed your hair to give you an Asian look and occasionally greeted in Japanese with your friend ?
and  Nobody has noticed you ?

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Tags: asian celebrities, film, interview, race / racism, sci-fi

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