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How Both Br_ndon's from The Killers & Panic! At The Disco Remained Relevant Today

A little background on these two bands: The Killers and Panic! @ The Disco are both from Las Vegas. Lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers, was not a fan of Brendon Urie / Panic! nor Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy (who signed Panic!) in the beginning.

Flowers and his band even went as far as trying to order drinks from Pete Wentz and his band FOB at the MTV Video Music Awards because he thought they were waiters.

Brandon eventually made amends and apologized in 2006 to Brendon and Panic! for suggesting they were piggybacking off the success of Fall Out Boy. Flowers on Panic!: "I don’t even know what their music’s like, or if I would even like it. That made me feel even worse, to think they could have been fans of ours and I hurt their feelings. That’s just stupid.”

13 years later, both bands debuted on the Billboard 200 at no. 1 with their respective fifth albums. The Killers with "Wonderful Wonderful" and Brendon!Panic! @ The Disco with "Death of a Bachelor."

Both follow up albums to their debut albums proved less successful with critics. While "Sam's Town" did not underperform (it peaked at no. 2 on the BB 200) critics were harsh and felt the band had lost their spark. Panic's "Pretty. Odd." failed on both a commercial (failing to even go Gold) and from a critical standpoint.

The Killers never lost their arena headlining status but weighed with constant pressure from the public to live up to their debut and would sell less albums compared to each previous effort. Panic! faced similar problems and lost their headlining ability touring clubs and amphitheaters. That was until Brendon Urie was able to use social media and music videos to bring him and his band back to relevance in 2013-15.

• Brandon Flowers turned things around for The Killers with lead single "The Man" which hit No. 2 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, their highest since “When You Were Young” topped the chart 11 years ago.

In the end, today both bands are doing "just fine" following different musical styles and themes. Each with different statuses concerning the amount of members in their respective bands. [The Killers: 4 original members with 2 in limbo | Panic!: one sole member in Brendon Urie].

Bonus Mash Up:

this post is dedicated to my frenemy eveofrevolution

ONTD, which Br_ndon is your favorite?
if your answer isn't Flowers.

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