New York Post spreading FAKE NEWS about Canadian Prince Justin Bieber again

- New York Post ran a story that Justin Bieber is banned from renting in Beverly Hills
- Considering Justin Bieber reps very rarely answer to "news" about him tabloids spread lies about him for years which already for many people became "truth"(like spitting on fans) As ONTD knows "Bad Bieber" gives media a lot of clicks.
- Just last week Sun & Metro made up interviews with him just because they can.
- New York Post has a history of spreading false narratives about the performer. Last year, Gossip Cop busted a crazy tale about Bieber supposedly refusing to do a sex scene with a man. And back in January, the tabloid wrongly accused Bieber of abandoning a sick puppy. Funny how all of these untrue articles were designed to make the star look bad.