'Bromans' Contestant Tian Delgado Charged With Class A Drug Possession

ITV2's hot new series Bromans has tongues a-wagging for all the right reasons, challenging 8 gladiator wannabes to duke it out for the title of Britain's Next Broman Superstar. The lads and their girlfriends are tasked with living in "Ancient Rome."

But one bro is making headlines all his own, and not for what he's packing under his leather man-skirt. 21-year-old Tian Delgado has been charged by British police with possession of class A drugs with the intent to supply. Delgado is expecting in an Aylesbury Crown court at the end of the month and could face jail time.

Bromans continues tonight on ITV2.

Source: @UpdatedCeleb.

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