The View interviews Kerry Washington

The View chats with Kerry Washington who is promoting the final season of Scandal. She talks about how the events of Las Vegas emotionally impacted her. She says that people should talk about gun control as soon as possible. They talk about her parents' activism. Kerry says that voting is a right and that we should be fighting for this privilege. Kerry says that the tragedy is that people didn't get to vote. Kerry talks about her awesome friendship with Bellamy Young, #HERPRESIDENTMELLIEGRANT.

The panel talks about the 🔥 topics of the day such as Secretary of the State Rex Tillerson calling Trump a "fucking moron." Just want to say Tillerson didn't deny calling him that. They talk about Pro-Life Congressman Tim Murphy who called his extra-marital boo to get an abortion. Also Congressman Murphy is not seeking re-election and is retiring. They also talk about the new rules for weddings and why people like to argue via text instead of in person.

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