Montana Wildhack (demented_21) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Montana Wildhack

SVU Promo for 19x03: The Lorena Bobbitt Episode

Three women claiming to have been raped are arrested for cutting off their rapist's penis. Problem is, we don't know which one of them did it. Annabeth Gish guest stars, and Brooke Shields makes her first appearance in what is going to be a recurring role.


ONTD, did you watch last night's episode? Was it kinda awesome, or was it me? I was expecting a Benson-fest but it was everything but. My bae Carisi got so much screentime (oh but there was no Barba, just letting y'all know), there were tons of hilarious lines, and we even got an interesting case! What the hell? Is SVU back with a vengeance? Also, watch this promo to see Carisi and Fin's reaction upon finding a severed dick.
Tags: law and order (nbc), mariska hargitay, television, television - nbc, television promo / stills
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