ONTD Original™ - Halloween Edition: The Horror Filmography of the 'Gossip Girl' Cast

Before an actor gets that breakout role, sometimes they have to do some movies or TV parts that they never want to discuss ever again. And sometimes they have to do more of these types of roles after they come down from their peak.

Since it's the show's ten-year anniversary, why not look into the pasts of the Gossip Girl cast? Members of the popular CW teen drama have moved on to better or worse things, depending on who you're looking at. Here are some of the horror movies the core actors have done in their careers so far.

Blake Lively
Before ever landing the role of Serena van der Woodsen, Blake Lively was in a low-budget slasher, Simon Says, with Crispin Glover. Lively may be the most successful actor of the bunch since Gossip Girl went off the air. Just last year, she had the surprise hit killer shark movie The Shallows. She is married to Ryan Reynolds, with whom she shares two children.

Chace Crawford
Chace had a supporting role in the so-bad-it's-good The Covenant, a supernatural movie for anyone who likes to watch toned white boys walk around half naked. Sebastian Stan, another Gossip Girl alum, was in the movie, too. Chace later played the love interest in the flop The Haunting of Molly Hartley.

Leighton Meester
Leighton doesn't act as much as she used to in her early days, but she could be seen in STV slashers such as Drive Thru (with Penn Badgley) and Killer Movie before Gossip Girl started. She single-white-female'd Minka Kelly in the thriller The Roommate.

Penn Badgley
Before going full on hipster, Penn Badgley was a big Incubus fan by the online nickname of P.Funk, and he starred in Drive Thru with future costar Leighton. His last horror outing was the panned remake of the '80s thriller The Stepfather. He'll be back on TV relatively soon with the Lifetime series, You.

Ed Westwick
British import Westwick was known for playing abusive prick Chuck Bass, but in his spare time, Ed played opposite Famke Janssen in the ghostly 100 Feet. He later portrayed a vampire in the underrated horror comedy Freaks of Nature. What is he up to nowadays? Who cares.

Jessica Szohr
Jessica starred in a few horror movies, but only one of them you have probably even heard of.

Connor Paolo
Serena's younger brother had a part in the awful Camp Hell, which tried to use Jesse Eisenberg's five seconds in the movie as part of its promotion. That backfired. He was a main character in the post-apocalyptic vampire duology Stake Land and Stake Land II as well. His most recent scary flick is Friend Request, which is currently in theaters. Spoiler alert: Don't see it.

Matthew Settle
Before he was Dan's hot dad, Settle appeared in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. He was partnered with someone who's not Rachel Bilson in the made-for-MTV thriller, Beneath, in 2007. Most recently, he was the father in Ouija.

What is your favorite CW show, ONTD?