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Riverdale Showrunner Stirs the Shipping Pot & New Promo and Clips


Season 2 is just a week away so that promo machine is whirring up as they keep going on and on about the "darkness, no parents" of this season


-More Reggie. Apparently he's in every episode they've filmed so far
-Return of dark!Betty though they might nix the wig. According to Lili, she's just really letting her dark side out and that it's all her inner demons and anxieties. Not just trying to torture fuckboys in a hot tub
-Going to different schools will cause strain for Bughead
-Archie/Betty is still a possibility as RAS hints that she could still have latent feelings for him since it's not like you can just turn off the kind of crush she used to have on him. And also the look Archie gave her in the finale. Mentions that Archie has "matured" as a result of the shooting
-The stuff between Veronica and her ex is reportedly "the darkest" storyline they've done yet

Also, now deleted audition tapes hint that Betty's long lost brother could be a street hustling prostitute and that Hiram Lodge is being investigated by the authorities and that Veronica's ex is somehow involved. Archie might get recruited to be a snitch


Lili showed up at rebooted TRL and shared a new clip of Kevin and Betty talking about Jughead and the Serpents


Have some dark!Kevin promo. Apparently he makes bad decisions and lies to his dad a lot this season

If you happen to be going to NYCC, the cast would like you to check out the Archie Comics panel

And then this generic group photo

is "dark" even a word anymore?
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