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Ellen Page Has Kristen Wiig's Name Tattooed on Her Bicep

Ellen Page gave an interview on Conan and apparently has Kristen Wiig's name tattooed on her lil Canadian bicep!

Ellen says that she has 8 tattoos total, most of them stick-and-pokes done by friends.

She is currently promoting the Flatliners remake, costarring Diego Luna and Nina Dobrev. She and Dobrev stayed in a cottage together and played Flip Cup on a slip 'n' slide.

The zombie drama The Cured and romantic tearjerker My Days of Mercy showed at the Toronto Film Festival. The Cured is about people who were once zombies and have been cured, but now must live with the stigma in society. MDoM is about a journalist, Page, who falls in love with a death-row inmate, Kate Mara.

1) Whose name would you tattoo on you? 2) Would you get a stick-n-poke?

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