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The View talks about Las Vegas shooting and interviews Viola Davis and Russell Brand

The View returns this week talking about the shootings in Las Vegas. Sunny feels hopeless that after Sandy Hook that if 20 six year olds got killed; how can we make changes in regards to gun reform. The panel talks about how theshooting is missing the classification of being called domestic terrorism. Sunny says Nevada statutes defines the event as domestic terrorism. Sara wants to know more about the motive of the shooter. Sunny does not like that they keep talking about this guy as being rich, a gambler and living a silent life. It's a different narrative now that it's a white man who was rich who caused the issue. Joy predicts that people will stop talking about this event. They also spent a time talk about gun control.

Viola Davis talks about the current season of How To Get Away With Murder. Viola talks about this year being her best year because she understands the perspective. She understands her mortality and her love for her family. They talk about marriage and how she thinks that marriage doesn't start at "I do." Viola says Annalise is always a MESS. She just wants Annalise to do better and be heroic.

Russell Brand chats with the panel about his former Twitter feud with Trump. He explains about the feud. Russell says that Trump is stupid as he was interviewing him for a documentary. This is an interesting segment. He promotes his new book.

Sunny was on point today. Meghan McCain sighting on the View: 0.
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Tags: donald trump, how to get away with murder (abc), politics, russell brand, television - abc, the view (abc), viola davis
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