ONTD Original™ - Halloween Edition: 15 Bullies & Mean Girls in Horror

Horror fiction is known for exaggeration. They are hardly rooted in reality, no matter what they want you to believe. One thing a lot of them do is play up character stereotypes. This includes bullies. But hey, they're movies meant to entertain. Below are several notable bullies and mean girls from various horror movies.

Judy and Meg
from Sleepaway Camp (1983)
This 2-for-1 special comes from the 1983 cult classic slasher with the famous twist ending. Camper Judy and camp counselor Meg share in their hatred of timid Angela, and they make their disdain known throughout the story. Judy is more prone to dishing out insults and pulling vindictive schemes to hurt Angela whereas Meg straight up tries to shake the quiet out of her before another counselor intervenes.

The Sisters of Delta Alpha Kappa
from Black Christmas (2006)
While watching this hot mess remake, audiences probably wonder how these women manged to become sorority sisters in the first place. If they're not sloppy drunk, they're taking unnecessary digs at one another. Or they're hiding sex videos they made with their friend's current boyfriend. Sisters for life, right?

Chris and Sue
from Carrie (1976)
How can anyone forget this disturbing scene from the first Carrie film adaptation? Sue tries to redeem herself, but Chris definitely does not get the memo that being a bully is so passé.

from The Craft (1996)
There was nothing good about Rochelle's bully. Most people probably cheered when that racist's hair fell out.

from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)
Melissa was an entertaining bully and foil to Tina, Jason's telekinetic opponent in the seventh entry of the Friday the 13th franchise. Compared to others on this list, she's rather harmless. It would have been interesting to see someone like Melissa be the final girl in one of these movies. Usually Jason is pitted against a "nice" character.

from I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
There are at least two unexplained mysteries that nag one's mind about this oddly somber '90s teen slasher. One: How did the killer get rid of the corpse and crabs inside of Julie's car trunk so quickly before her friends showed up? And without being seen or leaving any discernible odor behind. And two: Why was Helen dating Barry in the first place? Why were Julia and them friends with him? Even before the accident, he was an absolute jerk. Helen was a sympathetic character whose demise really hit a nerve with audiences. As for Barry's death... well, did anyone care?

from The New Kids (1985)
James Spader played a high school psychopath that terrorizes Lori Loughlin's character and her brother in Sean S. Cunningham's youth thriller The New Kids. This guy has no qualms with choking someone until they pass out, or even shooting at a kid.

from Night of the Creeps (1986)
The love interest's boyfriend in this cult classic alien-zombie flick that unofficially inspired Slither is a real jerk. When he gets mad at a character that happens to have polio, Brad kicks one of his crutches. This is a rather shocking scene in an otherwise silly movie.

from Sorority Row (2009)
In the tepid remake of House of Sorority Row, Leah Pipes plays the memorably mean and snarky Jessica. She provides most of the movie's entertainment by being brash and unapologetic. Jessica would be a nightmare to deal with in real life, though.

from The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)
Diane may just be the nicest mean girl to come out of the '80s. What's wrong with drinking too much milk?

Kenny's bullies
from Terror Train (1980)
Jamie Lee Curtis' peers used a corpse to terrify frat pledge Kenny Hampson. This traumatized Kenny, fueling his desire to take revenge on the group. Curtis also starred in the original Prom Night, another slasher where a prank went too far.

Natasha and Khalillah
from Tormented (2009)
This forgettable British horror movie starring Alex "Tell Me If It's Him" Pettyfer is centered around bullies so it's difficult to just pick one or two of them. Natasha and Khalillah, both played by Skins alum, deserve what happens to them. Never touch a teenager's cell phone.

Schrader, Chip, and Sara
from Trick 'r Treat (2007)
Rhonda, a savant, is invited out for Halloween fun by three of her classmates. They end up being the worst kind of bullies - the ones that try to be your friends before they reveal their true colors.

from Unfriended (2015)
This creative yet exasperating found footage style ghost story involves an obnoxious clique that is haunted online by the spirit of a peer that killed herself. The whole movie is shown through protagonist Blair's MacBook screen. The aforementioned friend died of suicide earlier because an embarrassing video of herself went viral. What happened in said video? Well, she got drunk and soiled herself. At the very end of the movie, you find out that Blair was the one who recorded the clip.

Paige, Lily, and Dorothy
from Valentine (2001)
The director of Urban Legend tried his hand at another big budget slasher in 2001 with Valentine. The movie was panned by critics, but people have warmed up to it years later. The story involves a group of women receiving threatening Valentine gifts. Someone from their childhood wants revenge (of course) for a cruel joke. The kids grew up, but without maturing. They are still as self-absorbed and mean as ever.

Were you picked on in school, ONTD? Or were you the bully?
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