Papyrus font creator responds to SNL skit

  • The use of Papyrus font for the massively successful film Avatar was the subject of a hilarious skit starring Ryan Gosling in SNL's season opener

  • The font creator, Chris Costello, came to its defense: "I believe it’s a well-designed font, it’s well-thought out." He designed it when he was 23 years old going through a lot of stuff.

  • Costello sold the font for $750 and now he gets "very low" royalty payments from its use

  • Thinks the font is overused. Loved the skit!

"[Cameron] just highlighted 'Avatar,' clicked the dropdown menu and he randomly selected Papyrus, like a thoughtless child, just wandering by a garden, yanking leaves along the way."


Best and worst fonts, ONTD?