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Shania Twain Unveils New Album and MV!

To coincide with the release of Now, her first album in 15 years (available on iTunes, Spotify, and swap meets near you), Canadian pop icon, Shania Twain has dropped a new music video for the record's opening track, Swingin' With My Eyes Closed.

Taking place in what has become a stock setting for budget music videos, it consists of Shania showing off her fabulous figure in a pair of ensembles that would make Rihanna nod in approval, interspersed with shots of beautiful, ethnically varied dancers kicking up clouds of pigmented chalk. Overall, a cute video for a cute song!

1. Swingin' With My Eyes Closed
2. Home Now
3. Light of My Life
4. Poor Me
5. Who's Gonna Be Your Girl
6. More Fun
7. I'm Alright
8. Roll Me on the River
9. We Got Something They Don't
10. You Can't Buy Love
11. Life's About to Get Good
12. Soldier

Deluxe Edition:
8. Let's Kiss and Make Up
9. Where Do You Think You're Going
10. Roll Me on the River
11. We Got Something They Don't
12. Because of You
13. You Can't Buy Love
14. Life's About to Get Good
15. Soldier
16. All in All

"Twain has been through a lot over the years, and the blunt, weathered qualities of her voice only make her anthems about survival more affecting and more potent, especially on tracks like the heartache-filled “Poor Me.” Those who would disparage her for not sounding like the “old Shania” are missing the point of this album — and with songs this good, they’re missing out, too."
- Entertainment Weekly (B+)

"Shania feels like a contemporary figure after the 15-year break between this and her last full-length album, and she pulled it off without relying on flashy big-name duets or kowtowing much to current dance-music trends. Sheer audacity makes Now one of the year’s most daring releases on the pop spectrum."
- Vulture (N/A)

"The specter of her life’s temporary collapse hangs over the album like a shadow... This album deserves more, if only because it successfully conveys Twain’s one immutable strength: her personality."
- Pitchfork (6.6/10)

Sources: 1/2/3
i haven't heard the album in full yet, but this was a highlight for me as well as 'more fun' and 'let's kiss and make up'
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