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X-Factor's James Arthur blames Rita for his sex addiction

In his autobiography, 2012 X-Factor winner James Arthur talks about his fling with Rita after the show.
They met up on the X-Factor tour and hooked up in Rita's tour bus.
“There was a lot of magic there and it was an amazing night. Rita seemed really, really into me, but I still couldn’t quite believe it.

He seems to have thought she was faking it:
“I wondered if she was a very good actress. I was very stoned that night and my paranoia was sky-high."

They spent more than one night together:
“Me and Rita met up a few more times after that and had some more amazing nights. ‘I’m in love with you,’ she told me one night. She said it so sincerely I wanted to believe her, though it seemed insane"

Rita then ghosted him and he began to spiral:
"If I’m honest, I became a bit of a slag after Rita. I was chatting to hundreds of women online or on Whats-App after swapping numbers with them via Twitter, and I started to sleep with so many of them I lost count."

“They were usually the same type — Babestation girls or glamour models. If I saw someone I fancied I’d contact her on social media and tell her blatantly I wanted to have sex."

James Arthur has previously mentioned his tryst with Rita. In 2013 when he was making rap songs for some reason (including the infamous homophobic diss track), he unkindly referenced her a few times: "Some people's auras [Ora's] and demeanours can deceive us, but what they really want is a piece of your penis." and "I'm giving 10 million f**ks less than Rita does and that's a lot of f**ks.

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