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The View talks about #PuberMe, marrying at 23, and charted flights while being a cabinet member

The View talks about Stephen Colbert's #PuberMe campaign which encourages celebrities to post awkward puberty photos on Twitter with the hashtags #PuberMe and #PuertoRicoRelief. He would donate $1,000 for each celebrity who posts from his Ben & Jerry's AmeriCone Dream ice flavor to the One America Appeal (the hurricane relief effort that is being done by the five ex-presidents of the US).

They talk about Reese Witherspoon commenting about marrying at 23 and having two children by 27. Reese comments that she didn't even know herself. The panel talks about their own experiences.

The panel then talks about the four cabinet members who are in hot doo doo for using chartered flights. Sunny argues you could've taken a commercial flight or even gotten on Amtrak. Sara then finds contradicting quotes from Tom Price during his time in Congress. There is a timer on Tom Price's position in Trump's cabinet.

The days are numbered to the arrival of Meghan McCain on the View. This is my first time watching the show this week.
SOURCE: 1, 2, 3
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