Netflix Will Spend $500 Million on Original Canadian Productions

  • It's been announced that Netflix will spend at least $500 million dollars over the next five years to fund original Canadian productions

  • The Canadian government has been under pressure to tax Netflix in order to fund Canadian programming because Canada has laws about radio and television broadcasters in the country having to air a certain percentage of that was at least partly written, produced, presented, or otherwise contributed to by persons from Canada

  • Netflix has lobbied for years to avoid being subject to Canadian Content (CanCon) laws

  • It's not known how much new content Netlfix will actually make with this and how much will have been money they'd be spending anyway on current projects, such as Anne (or Anne with an E, if you're not in Canada)

  • It's not known who will get access to these funds or how

  • Some people think it's a great move and others think it's a drop in the bucket and Netflix is getting away with spending a lot less than it should


What's your favourite CanCon, ONTD?