Katy Perry Roundup: Will The Witness Tour Flop?

WITNESS: The Tour was delayed for two weeks because of "unavoidable production delays," but kicked off one week ago in Montreal. The tour is one of the most anticipated for fall, but is expected to be less profitable than her other tours after Witness's lackluster commercial and critical performance.

But will it flop?

Witness definitely won't be the #1 most profitable tour for 2017-2018-- it's competing against Ed Sheeran, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift, to name a few.

To successfully top her own concert tours, Katy will have to beat these records:

California Dreams Tour: $59.5 million from 127 shows

Prismatic World Tour: $204.3 million from 149 shows with a total attendance of 1,984,503

New pics of the tour have appeared online. The sets have an avant-garde futuristic 80's look, and the costumes look like Bob Mackie-inspired 80's Barbie clothes.


Reviews have been mixed. Generally reviewers are praising the aesthetic, but panning the actual music. Yikes.

"Besides all the show antics, which included dazzling references to 1980s arcade games, analog TVs, and a guitar player in a Ziggy Stardust-inspired leotard, Perry’s main prerogative throughout the show was redefining herself from who she used to be.

Perry seemed half-committed to the performance. She didn’t finish many lines from those songs, which maybe wasn’t apparent to the unobservant show-goer as she sang over her pre-recorded voice... She couldn’t finish lines that required pitch changes."

"It was easy to understand why there was a production delay given the incredible stage design, complete with proscenium to get up close and personal with the audience, and the many playful props and costumes incorporated into the show."

"The firework that should have illuminated Katy Perry’s likeable persona and pure pop songs instead fizzled out after the first half.

Despite — or maybe because of — her seasoned status, the lack of “oomph” seemed surprising.

But not even glittery bodysuits, a giant screen shaped like an eye and an enthusiastic backing band can save a show that lacks real grit and offers saccharine heart instead."

This is the set list:

In the Space video
1. “Witness”
2. “Roulette”
3. “Dark Horse”
4. “Chained to the Rhythm”
Act My Age video interlude
5. “Teenage Dream”
6. “Hot N Cold”
7. “Last Friday Night”
8. “California Gurls”
9. “I Kissed a Girl”
Celestial Body video interlude
10. “Deja Vu”
11. “Tsunami”
12. “E.T.”
13. “Bon Appetit”
Mind Maze video interlude
14. “Thinking of You”
15. “Save as Draft”
16. “Power”
Motorcyclist video interlude
17. “Hey Hey Hey”
18. “Part of Me”
19. “Swish Swish”
20. “Roar”

21. “Firework”

"Roulette" might be the next single. The song will be used in her on-again/off-again boyfriend Orlando Bloom's upcoming action movie S.M.A.R.T. Chase. The song was inspired by Shanghai and the movie takes place there as well.


Russell Brand, the comedian with a tiny penis who was once married to Katy Perry, says that he is open to reconciling with her.

He gave an interview saying,

"It was a very important and lovely time in my life. I don’t regret being married to Katy at all. I have very positive feelings about that whole experience and Katy is an extraordinary woman. I’m willing and open for reconciliation, any kind. Because if we can’t overcome our relatively trivial personal disputes in this world, what hope is there for us?”

He also still has the matching tattoos in Sanskrit that he and Katy got:

"Oh, of course I still have it."

Orlando Bloom might be going broke. Allegedly he blows his cash on lavish parties, exotic vacations, and luxury goods, despite not having had a hit movie in years.

A stagehand is suing Katy Perry, Livenation, and other production companies after losing a toe while moving a stage during the Prismatic World Tour in 2014.

Will ha tour flop?

Yes, it already is.
NO, Katy can still smash!
It will be mediocre, just like her.

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