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Lebron James and others speak about Donald Trump's comments and the league wide protests

Lebron James again spoke today about Donald Trump's comments re: players who protest. He kept referring to Trump as "that guy" (lmao) and said that while he has this platform, he won't let anyone use sports to divide us. Lebron said the "people run this country, not an individual, and damn sure not him".

Steelers player, and former Army Ranger, spoke out today about his teams decision to sit in the locker room. He regrets throwing his teammates under the bus by coming out near the tunnel instead. He says that every time he sees the picture of himself, he feels embarrassed.

On the other hand, Ben Roethlisberger the Rapist regrets that his team boycotted the national anthem. He wishes the team approached it differently because the anthem isn't the time to make any type of protest (lol). If you didnt know, Ben has been accused of rape twice and still holds his job. Does he regret sexual harassment and rape?

sources: 1 2 3
Tags: donald trump, politics, race / racism, sports / athletes - basketball, sports / athletes - football (nfl / cfl)
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