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Ain't It Cool News staff runs for the hills after founder's sexual assault allegations

After allegations of sexual assault were made against Ain't It Cool News founder Harry Knowles (yes, that's really what he looks like), writers for the site have begun resigning.

So far three writers -- Eric Vespe ("Quint"), Steve Prokopy ("Capone"), and the writer known as "Horrella" -- have left the site. Vespe has been with the site for over 20 years and wrote that he can no longer contribute to the brand. Prokopy stated his decision was an easy one to make and hope all the women impacted by Knowles are given the support and strengeth they need.

Austin-area film community member and former Alamo Drafthouse employee Jasmine Baker was the first to come forward, stating Knowles groped her several times. When she told Drafthouse CEO Tim League of what happened, League told her to avoid Knowles and left it at that.

Britt Hayes, writer for ScreenCrush, announced on Twitter on Saturday that she too has been sexually harrassed by Knowles and that people knew and did nothing, with some feeling powerless that Knowles was untouchable.

THR ends their story reporting that AICN, once grossing over $700,000 annually, is now only making money in the low-six figures (and will probably start making even less now).

Tags: feminism / social issues, film, scandal, sexism

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