TV Review: Megyn Kelly's brand-new morning show is trash

Megyn Kelly finally debuted her new morning show today, replacing The Today Show's 9am hour. And to the shock of no one it did not go very well. The Washington Post watched and reviewed this debut.

-- Calls it the networks Bride of Frankenstein: parts Ellen, parts Kelly Ripa, parts whatever else they could find.
-- She sarcastically mentions that there will be no politics on this show and encouraged her audience to watch and laugh.
-- Kelly's husband surprised her with flowers and their hug afterwards so was awkward it felt like they just met.
-- The stars of Will & Grace had hardly anything to talk about, since Grace's new job is decorating Trump's Oval Office.
-- A superfan of the series got to meet the stars. Megyn thinks the fan's "gay thing" is going to work out.
-- Reviewer slams Megyn, saying she had "dopey" questions and is only good at talking at people, not with them or to them.


how much longer do you think nbc gives this woman before she's completely canceled, ontd?