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HRC on Stephen Colbert

-She talks about her book What Happened (obviously)
-Cracks a few jokes.
-Started thinking about writing the book on election night. Her primary goal is to make sure this doesn't happen again. Says it was "painful" and "horrible" writing the book and re-living the campaign.
-Says she isn't going anywhere (to consistent applause from the audience)
-She believes that Russia succeeded in messing with the US democracy, by influencing voters and influencing public opinion. Says Russian interference will continue through 2018 and 2020 if they're not stopped.
-Talks about her relationship with Putin when she was Secretary of State. Notes that the fact she was a woman got him agitated and shares an anecdote about how every time she met with him he would ~welcome her by manspreading. They did bond over wildlife conservation though, and that's when Vladimir Putin invited her husband to come and join him on one of his wildlife trips (but not her).

-She isn't talking about contesting the election, saying there is no mechanism for that. However she does stress that legitimacy is rooted in what comes out of the investigations on the Russian affair.
-Calls people to channel their frustration by taking a stand and voting.
-Slams Trump's rocket man comments about North Korea.
-Says she drank a lot of wine recovering from the election defeat which prompts Stephen to bring out a bottle of wine.

I'm still not over how one of the most qualified people to run for office lost against the least qualified person in America

Source 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trsfoQlM0ts&t=
Source 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoMhBo8ATBM
Tags: interview, late night talk show, politics, stephen colbert / the colbert report

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