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George Clooney is tired of the Hollywood elite bull

George Clooney was interviewed by the Daily Beast about his new film Suburbicon, which then delved into other topics concerning racism, Trump, etc.

Some highlights:
-- Mentions that his film shows that racism is everywhere and not just in the South. That the central theme is the fear whites have of losing their privilege and believing minorities are stealing it when that isn't close to reality.
-- Says growing up in the South as a child, he would see rules like "no open toed shoes" only enforced to black patrons.
-- Grew up around the Confederate flag and didn't see it for the symbol of hate it was until he was older.
-- Calls Steve Bannon a pussy and that he wrote one of the worst screenplays he's ever read. Claims if Hollywood actually cared for him, he'd still be there writing scripts and kissing everyone's ass.
-- Says Trumps attacks on the media are nothing new and criticises them for their coverage during the campaign.
-- Doesn't think Hillary is very good at communicating things, and was frustrated she never upped her game.
-- Interview ends with the blurb on elites in the tweet above.


are you a member of the hollywood elite, ontd?
Tags: donald trump, george clooney, politics
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