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Fantastic Fest Co-Founder & Ain’t It Cool News Reviewer Harry Knowles Accused of Sexual Assault

After the Alamo Drafthouse came under fire for secretly hiring back Devin Faraci, also accused of sexual assault and harassment — subsequently leading to Three Billboards pulling out of Fantastic Fest — a woman has now come forward claiming that Fantastic Fest co-founder and Ain’t It Cool News critic Harry Knowles repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

His accuser, Jasmine Baker, stated: “Harry Knowles groped me, opportunistically, on more than one occasion. I cannot just stay silent. I am not interested in remaining silent.”

Baker accuses Knowles of repeatedly rubbing up against the back of her legs and buttocks and when she confronted him about it, he responded by giggling. This was just one of multiple incidents. Two friends of Baker’s confirm she informed them of the multiple occurences of inappropriate touching. Knowles, when asked for comment, “categorically [denies]” all of it.

Baker also discussed how when women brought up these sorts of accusations to management, they would caution women to “watch what they do” instead of telling men to stop touching women without their consent. She echoed former Fantastic Fest programmer Todd Brown’s words in his resignation letter, calling the mentality at the Drafthouse that of a “boy’s club.” Baker later worked for the Drafthouse and said founders Tim and Karrie League were horrified when Baker told them of the incidents but simply advised her to “just avoid him” instead of refusing to collaborate with Knowles.

Ain’t It Cool News has been dropped as a sponsor of Fantastic Fest. No word on whether the Alama Drafthouse will stop honoring Knowles every year with their exclusive invitation only “Butt Numb A Thon” event on Knowles’ birthday.

Tags: feminism / social issues, film, sexism

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