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Anthony Scaramucci cohosts The View and the Little Big Town performs

Who would've thought that Anthony Scaramucci would appear on the View and even cohost it? Well, he hits the hot topics with the panel. We've got Joy, Sara, Sunny and Paula to talk about a study that finished about why do we dislike some people. The Mooch also talks about who he disliked at the White House during his 11 day tenure.

The Mooch claps back at Sean Spicer who criticized him in an interview by Paula for ABC News. During this segment, he talks about his time in the White House. He also takes meets Mario Cantone who has impersonated the Mooch.

It wasn't all about the Mooch as The Little Big Town appears on The View to promote their new CD, The Breaker. They also talk about their Hollywood Walk of Fame star and their upcoming tour. They perform When Someone Stops Loving You.

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Tags: donald trump, music / musician (country), politics, television - abc, the view (abc)

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