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PRETTYMUCH perform a new single 'Teacher' & Interview

New song 'Teacher' performed live that will be coming out 'very soon'.

PRETTYMUCH performs Would You Mind.

  • Working with Simon Cowell is like working with the Godfather but he has their best interests in mind.

  • Nick describes Simon as 'the cool uncle' that shows up at Christmas.

  • They talk about their social media challenges. They have a challenge called 'PRETTYMUCH Everywhere', and encourage fans to make memes. They give away prizes.

  • Going on tour with Jack & Jack, not ruling out a collab.

  • Fav Halloween movie? Austin- Nightmare before Christmas. Zion- Twitches. Edwin- Twitches & Halloweentown. Brandon- Halloween episode of Zack & Cody. Nick- Halloweentown.

  • Austin wants there to be a live action version of Nightmare before Christmas with Johnny Depp and Jim Carrey as Boogeyman.

  • Biggest troublemaker? Zion & Austin.

  • Who takes the longest to get ready? Nick.

  • Fav thing about touring? Brandon- Loves the idea of being in a new place everyday.

Plays  a game called 'Would You Mind'

  • Would You Mind if someone cut you in line? Austin- Would mind but would'nt say anything. Zion- If its a nice old lady he wouldn't mind, but if its a guy his age then its 'beef'

  • Would You Mind if someone stepped on your foot? Zion- 90% of the time it's an accident.

  • They got matching tattoos of the date they moved in together.

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Teacher sounds unfinished :( I'll reserve my judgement on that song until its released.
Tags: live performance, music / musician (pop)

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