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What's arriving/leaving Netflix in October

Things of note leaving Netflix next month:

Oct 1:

*30 Rock seasons 1-7 (Fuck you Netflix)
*Friday Night Lights seasons 1-5 (no really, FUCK YOU NETFLIX)
*One Tree Hill seasons 1-9 (now kids will never know dogs roam freely in hospitals eating hearts)
*Prison Break Seasons 1-4
*The Bernie Mac Show seasons 1-5
*The Wonder Years seasons 1-6

Oct 2
The Cleveland Show seasons 1-4 (prob moving to Hulu)

Oct 21
Bones seasons 5-11

Oct 29
Family Guy seasons 9-14 (prob moving to Hulu)

If you are ride or die with Netflix, what you can watch in October:

*Miss Congeniality”
*Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
*Cleverman season 2
*Boogie Nights

Oct 3
*Cult of Chucky

Oct 5
*Schitt’s Creek” (Season 3)
*The Fosters (Season 5)

Oct 7
*Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life

Oct 11
Donnie Darko

Oct 13:
*MINDHUNTER (Season 1, Netflix Original)
*Super Monsters (Season 1, Netflix Original)

Oct 17:
Patton Oswalt: Annihilation (Netflix Original)

Oct 24:
Wanted (Season 1, Netflix Original)
Wanted (Season 2, Netflix Original)

Oct 25:
The Hateful Eight

Oct 27
Stranger Things Season 2 (basically the only reason you are keeping Netflix)

Go to the sources for the full lists of what is arriving and leaving.

Source 1, Source 2
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