Rolling Stone reviews Harry Styles' tour kickoff show in San Francisco

• they say he "has the charm, presence and feistiness of a veteran rocker twice his age"
• and it "makes him seem as accessible as he is otherworldly" (lmao)
• seemed a bit nervous at first, but got more confident as the show went on
• they loved his covers (see set list bellow)
• think his band is very talented
• say he showed 3 personas: folk troubadour, raucous rocker, subtle superstar

"Ever Since New York"
"Two Ghosts"
"Stockholm Syndrome" (One Direction song)
"Sweet Creature"
"Only Angel"
"Meet Me in the Hallway"
"Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" (Ariana Grande cover, that he co-wrote)
"What Makes You Beautiful" (One Direction song)
"From the Dining Table"
"The Chain" (Fleetwood Mac cover)
"Sign of the Times"

How pretentious are you?
And which of Harry's many floral suits is your favourite, ONTD?