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Athena Incarnate Carly Rae Jepsen Confirms 2018 Release of New Record

Liberative auteur Carly Rae Jepsen has revealed that she is in the "polishing" stages of her untitled new album, tentatively proclaimed as the second Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Making the rounds for her latest release Cut to the Feeling: Emotion Side B+, a Japanese exclusive, the LGBT-icon laureate paid a visit to radio station J-Wave during its Step One entertainment program and conveyed her artistic process in the conception of Emotion, her involvement in Leap! and the surprising success of "Cut to the Feeling". (Listen to the broadcast here!)

"I wasn't expecting it to have any reaction. I was on holiday by myself in Italy and I was getting phone calls and hit up by my team being like, 'I think it's starting to get it's own little life, so like, maybe come back?'"

The IRL Makoto Konno was prodded at for her affinity of the 80s, iterating her love for its emotional intesity that appealed to her "drammatic side", yet expressing that [Emotion]'s sound seemed "really fresh" in "taking retro things and figuring out how to make it seem new".

Speaking of her new album, Jepsen further disclosed that she was attracted to a 70s, disco sound: "I dyed my hair blonde with this idea that it would [be like] the Farrah Fawcett video. But then, when you go from black to blonde real quick and your hair falls out real quick."

Host: "Well will we hear [the new album], maybe, the beginning of next year?"
Jepsen: "I think–it's–yes. Yes. I'm hesitant to say a date, 'cause I don't know for sure. [...] I have a baby plan for it, and it would be great to get it here as soon as possible but it's also more important to get it right. So I'm in the cleaning up phases right now, just making sure it's all polished. I'm polishing! Yeah, and growing my hair out."

"I have a couple of different collaborations that I have in mind but they're–it's a secret still. I think that's the gift of what keeps [it] so fresh is just, when you are writing with somebody from a different world of music than you, you get to make something that on your own you couldn't have done. [...] I'm hoping to have a couple."

The underground tastemaker ends the interview with a selection of songs from her playlist, revealing that despite "happiness" being the predominant theme of her work, she mostly enjoyed listening to sad music.

Carly's playlist:

1. Ariel Pink - "Baby"

"It takes me away to a place of just, relaxation and romance and a night in. And, I don't know, a good fire, maybe a little whiskey to share."

2. Vulfpeck - "Back Pocket"

"It's just so good. It's really funky, it's the type of song that I wish I had written. So it kinda makes me a little angry. I mean, I like how nursey rhymeish that chorus is, but without getting too young; it's just like guiltlessly–argh–yeah, so angry!"

3. Big Thief - "Paul"

"The lyrics to this song–beautiful–very much about a woman who realizes that she's not worthy enough to love the man who loves her. And it's just–ugh–gut-wrenching."

4. Soft Hair - "Lying Has to Stop"

"You're gonna have to check out their music videos. It's just so absurd, but funny and awesome."

5. Valerie June - "Wanna Be on Your Mind"

"When I was in Italy I was constantly listening to this song, on repeat, over and over again. It's just so... [mimicking hook] da da da da–It's perfect for walking, chilling, travelling, [unintelligible]."

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, transcription by yours truly

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