Aaron Carter Is Worried He Has HIV & Is Going Through a LOT Right Now

He did a whole The Doctors show to try and get to the bottom of his health issues, mental and physical.

- cries about people making fun of him, says it stresses him out
- says his support system is his fans only
- Nick sent him photos of Whitney dead in a coffin with the caption "RIP" to him (aaron). Aaron says "
thanks for always listening cause you never did"
- He also later mentioned an instance where his father held a gun to his head then fired it to at the ground, says he cant hear well in 1 ear but still loves his dad cause jesus christ died

- undergoes tests to see whats wrong with him, as well as drug tests
- no crack in his system according to tests, but yes weed and positive for opiates and benzos...a dangerous combo of meds
- says he makes his own fish instead of taking meds, has a dog, and is driving his vehicle
- he didnt know he was only 115 lbs, he's about 5"8 or 5"9 tall for reference
- he was taking xanax and other drugs via perscription but knows there was no happy ending with those meds
- admits he wasnt responsible sexually and may have HIV , "I havent always been safe sexually and I have no qualms in saying that."

wow.....tbh this was a tough watch, be prepared