Riverdale Roundup: EW Cover, Merchandising, Cast Whereabouts, and Other Stuff

Because their stans probably swamped the polls, Riverdale won EW's cover battle thing, and for some reason this is the photo they chose to go with. The full issue will be out this Friday


Now we can all be weirdos as Hot Topic (of course, lol) is selling Riverdale merchandise like t-shirts, Archie/Jason's football jersey, and of course Jughead's beanie

First look at Vanessa Morgan dressed in character as Toni Topaz

Cole did another AMA and buried through all the word salad (where he claimed the "I'm a weirdo" meme doesn't bother him), it sounds like they might possibly actually turn Chuck around (and for anyone curious about the user's other question, a writer on twitter said the sheriff's name is Tom like in the comics). Or at least not make him an antagonist (maybe that's just my wishful thinking).


Either way, here's a picture of the actor who plays Coach Clayton taking a selfie with Chuck's actor in what I'm guessing is the makeup trailer. So father and son might actually have a scene together instead of the weird scenario where Coach Clayton didn't have anything to say about his star player son getting kicked off the team for being a fuckboi

Come get dis chocolate, gurrl 🍫 🍫 #claytonchaos #coachclayton #chuckclayton

In between being the mayor of Riverdale, Robin Givens will also be playing a queen on Once Upon a Time

So wonderful to work on #onceuponatime and play #queeneudora ... mom of the beautiful #princesstiana . @mekiacox is as lovely on the inside and she is on the outside.🤗

Episode 9 is probably the midseason finale as it is titled "Silent Night, Deadly Night" meaning we're probably getting a fucking weird Christmas episode