German woman facing jailtime for stalking Eddie Redmayne for over 5 years

Yes, you read the headline right. Highlights (or lowlights, really):

-- First met Eddie back in 2012 after a play he'd done at Donmar Warehouse in London
-- Then went to find him on the UK set of 'The Theory of Everything' in 2013
-- Followed Eddie and wife Hannah Bagshawe (any word about Hannah would cause the woman's face to 'contort with rage', it was noted in the court case) at a carol service at Eton College in 2013
-- Sent a bunch of letters over time declaring her love for Eddie, and even wrote him a note saying: 'I know things about you.'
-- Apparently used to watch his London home from across the street in a park, and sometimes even followed him to his Tube/train station
-- Eddie's been aware of her for a while, and he even spotted her in the fan crowd at the London premiere of 'Fantastic Beasts' back in November, which freaked him out and prompted him to get a lawyer to file charges
-- The latest incident was just last month, in August, where the woman went to Eddie's home, when he was with his baby daughter, and tried to touch his arm, apparently
-- The woman's currently on bail and is set for sentencing on Thursday
-- Eddie released a statement (at the source) saying he's always open to meeting fans, but this crossed the line