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The Killers Brandon Flowers Interview with Newsweek

Flowers on masculinity: “My vision of what masculinity is has definitely changed. As I’ve had more experience, I’ve come to realize it’s more about compassion and empathy.”

• The Killers have 22 million albums sold to date worldwide.

• On the new album, Flowers is most proud of "Rut," which is from the perspective of his wife Tara. On "Rut" and presenting the song to his wife: “She has a complex version of [post-traumatic stress disorder] from her childhood, and it’s her speaking. It’s emotional and the only song I’ve had to sit down with her and play at the piano, just to make sure it was OK with her.”

• On "Some Kind of Love," the song was written over an Brian Eno instrumental, but his people wouldn’t let the Killers release it. The band tried to change the music to the song but said that they could "never make it as good." The song almost didn't make "Wonderful Wonderful" and just before it was sent to be mastered he asked friends to get ahold of Brian Eno so that he could just explain to him his reasons for using the instrumental. He was able to get ahold of his idol and permission was granted just in time.

• This phone call was also an opportunity for Brandon to clear a rumor that Brian Eno declined to produce the bands second album "Sam's Town," something that followed Brandon for years. Brandon on asking Brian Eno: "Were you asked to do Sam’s Town ?’ He said no. Who knows if it was some shady move from my record label or whatever, but that felt good.”

• "Wonderful Wonderful" drops Friday, September 22nd 2017.

Read the full article at the source.

me when this album drops.

ONTD, are you going to stream/buy the new album?

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