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what it says on the tin.

Louis Tomlinson Receives Death Threats, Police Investigating

• Someone has been sending him threats and pornographic images through WhatsApp including things like "I’ll skin your whole family including you and turn y’all into bedsheets, pillow cases, and a queen size blanket." and, after he replied and told them to stop “F**k You” and “F**k your mom and your family.”

•  LAPD is now investigating, they suspect the culprit is a female American between the age of 18 and 25.

• Last year a "fan" also impersonated Zayn to get the rest of the band's numbers and then called Louis to ask for a Twitter follow and told him they wish his baby son would die.

• He isn't the first 1D member to receive death threats, in 2015 someone made a Twitter account just to threaten Harry and post stuff like “I Made This Account To Let Everyone Know That Harry Styles Will Die, August 5th 2015, At MetLife Stadium."

I know they have some tough competition but 1D "fans" remain the worst. Shit is really getting out of control.
Tags: fandom / stan culture, legal / lawsuit, one direction, you in danger
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