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PrettyMuch ONTD's new fav Boyband gives an interview


  • Nick, 19, Massive Jaw

  • Zion, 18, Twists. Canadian

  • Edwin, 18, Forehead

  • Austin, 19, Long blonde hair (is the least talented vocally apparently). The oldest.

  • Brandon, 17, Glasses. Seems to be the group's centre and leader. So a maknae, leader and centre for yall kpop fans.

In the Video

  • Sony looked around social media to form the group. They were flown in for auditions

  • Brandon was the last addition to the group

  • Austin (the blonde one) had a solo career, he doesn't think it was good. Sony asked him to audition, also stated that he needed more work.

  • Brandon only made demos, Edwin made youtube videos, Zion was on Vine (wasn't famous) some guy asked him to audition

  • They all thought the info was fake. Brandon was asked via facebook

  • Sony had scouts looking for random people to form the group

  • Prefer to be in a group because they cover each others' weaknesses (eg Austin says if he had a sore throat one of the other guys could cover him)

  • Brandon and Nick (Iconic Boyz) came from a dancing background. Edwin also danced a bit. Zion and Austin had no dance training

  • For Austin and Zion they gave up college to join the band

  • Austin wanted to be a rapper, had a 4 song rap EP. Loves Anime, was going to do graphic design

  • French Montana will be on the album

  • Austin is wearing checked van sneakers AM I IN 2007 AGAIN?!!??

  • Ed Sheeran is also on the album (probably wrote a track)

  • Brandon produces and the rest of the members write

  • They use to rotate parents in the house to supervise but now only Brandon's mum stays

  • The group listened to music that the everyone liked to judge what sound they should have. Austin wanted to do rap.

  • They're heavily influenced by Boyz II Men, hence the harmonizing.

  • Thinks theres pretty of room for boybands, aren't really checking for others

  • Edwin is a BSB and NSYNC stan

  • They met and talked to Liam Payne, he gave them advice. Chatted with Louis the rat

  • Fans say Austin looks like Harry Styles

  • Zion has beef with Harry, he went to a 1D concert, Zion's friends were telling Harry to let him sing but Harry walked away

  • Used to do group counciling with each other. Liam was the one that advised this as he would've liked to do it more in 1D

  • They got the name 'PrettyMuch' by Zion. There really isn't a story behind it, its...weird

  • Austin has his own room. The rest share. They joke that Austin has his own room because he is the oldest

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I feel like the first one to go solo will be Brandon tbh. Anyways, the way they are being marketed and sold is very kpop like. THE ERA OF NEW BOYBANDS IS UPON US and THIS ONE HAS MULTIPLE POC!!!
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