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ONTD Original: 5 Best Parodies/Homages to Twin Peaks + VIEWING POST for 2 HR FINALE

Over the years, many shows have made references and jokes about the classic show. And there are many shows which have taken visual cues and the surreal nature for their own. But below are some of the more humorous ones.

1. WWE Smackdown - Fashion Peaks

Wrestler Tyler Breeze tries to find his missing partner, "Deputy Dango", who might have been taken by aliens. This one gets kudos for being one of the more recent shows that's also referencing the new episodes

2. Psych - Dual Spires

Now this one is truly a labor of love. Actor James Roday had been pushing for a Twin Peaks reboot and finally got his wish in season 5 with help from guest director Matt Shakman.

Shawn and Gus go to solve a mystery in the town of Dual Spires, which is very proud of its cinnamon production and apple cider. Many of the original cast of Twin Peaks makes an appearance in this episode, there are hundreds of references throughout (supposedly around 724), and Julee Cruise sang the episode's theme song.

This is just a behind the scenes type video into what went into making the episode

3. Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated - Stand and Deliver

The titular Scooby Doo has a dream where he goes to the "Sitting Room" and discovers secrets about himself (aka why he can talk) and what lays beneath the town of Crystal Cove. Later on, the whole gang travels with Scooby to face the lodge with varying courage, and it's actually relevant to the rest of the series

4. Deadly Premonition

Basically Twin Peaks the Video Game. Evolving from a cancelled video game originally titled Rainy Woods, Deadly Premonition focuses on Francis York Morgan, an FBI agent investigating the murder of a young girl in Greenvale, Washington with the cooperation of local law enforcement and some quirky characters. The whole time Agent Morgan talks to someone off-screen named "Zack" while he pursues the mysterious Raincoat Killer.

5. Saturday Night Live sketch w/host Kyle Maclachlan

In this parody, Leo (Chris Farley) confesses to the murder of Laura Palmer, but Agent Dale Cooper desperately wants the case to remain open. Features Kevin Nealon as Sheriff Truman, Conan O'Brien as Andy, Phil Hartman as Leland Palmer, and Mike Meyers as the Man From Another Place. And apparently they only had two women on the cast at this time


The Simpsons - Who Shot Mr. Burns

When Mr. Burns is shot, Chief Wiggum has a dream that tries to lead him to a new trail of investigation

anyone marathon the whole return leading up to tonight's finale? what do you hope happens tonight?

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