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The Pop Culture Detective: The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory

Video summary

  • traces the nerd archtypes of BBT back to Revenge of the Nerds, Weird Science etc

  • points out that these stock characters are meant to be likeable underdogs, but treat women with zero respect (stalking, never taking no for an answer, literal rape)

  • Howard is, before his relationship, a wannabe PUA who stalks and harrasses women and who talks about women like they're animals. Sample "joke": "of course it's your house too, why else would you be cleaning it"

  • Rajesh is the sensitive, shy guy who's a terrible drunk and mocked for his effeminacy. Sample "joke": "where did she go, it was going so well. She never even got to see my penis"

  • Leonard is the enabler and the pathetic nice guy who refuses to take no for an answer until the object of his affection is "worn down" and accepts him. Sample "joke": no discernible Leonard jokes detected in the video

  • Sheldon is the innocent bigot who is openly misogynist. Sample "joke": "Madame Curie was an honorary man. She had a penis made of science"

  • the show uses "ironic lampshading" to get away with its comedy, ie pointing out that it's racist, homophobic and sexist jokes are racist, homophobic and sexist in the text

  • the sexism of the characters isn't presented as aspirational, the issue is that it's presented as completely harmless


The video is like 20 mins long but I watched the whole thing, it's very good and covers a lot more ground than just BBT by examining the nerd stock character.
Tags: feminism / social issues, sexism, the big bang theory (cbs)
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