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WB releases new JL photo

-Ezra said that they had a blast making the movie

-Affleck says part of the drama is "is going to team come together"?

-Ezra added that everyone formed a very natural friendship during the film

-Jay Baruchel was set to play Maxwell Lord in JL: Mortal

-He reveals that Wonder Woman would've been a complete badass in the movie

-The first time you would've seen WW is on Themiscrya, on a horse about to go into battle with a Minotaur, she rushes him and decapitates him with the Amazons cheering in the background. This is the WW Baruchel wanted to see (reading the script).

-Jay also reveals that Max would put Superman under his control which would've lead to a massive Superman/Wonder Woman battle. "There’s this big ass fight between him and Wonder Woman, where he breaks her fucking wrists and shit"

-Max would die halfway through the film before being uploaded into Brother Eye

-The writers strike got in the way of the film being made along with Australia not being able to approve the films rebate in time

-Film was called Justice League of America

-Set in "New Metro, USA"

Matthew Settle as Guy Gardner / Green Lantern, a software salesman.
Kimberly Oja as Tori Olafsdotter / Ice, a meteorologist working at Dr Eno's Meteorological Institute.
John Kassir as Ray Palmer / The Atom, a science teacher.
Michelle Hurd as B.B. DaCosta / Fire, a struggling actress.
Kenny Johnston as Barry Allen / The Flash, unemployed.
David Krumholtz as Martin Walters, an actor who has a crush on B.B.
Elisa Donovan as Cheryl, Guy's girlfriend.
Ron Pearson as Dr. Arliss Hopke, one of Tori's work colleagues.
David Ogden Stiers as J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter, the leader of the JLA.
Miguel Ferrer as The Weather Man (Dr. Eno), a rival meteorologist.

-Was set to air on CBS but it was so horrible that it got thrown away

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