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🚨 POP EMERGENCY 🚨 CL gives an update on #CL1

You guys know I'm not a big talker but I want to thank my fans for being patient/impatient and for always being there for me.

I promise you new music soon.
I just want u to know I'm on my way and haven't given up.

It might be just enertainment for some people but I am human and this is my life.

Being in this industry since I was a teenager, I never looked back - I just went for it (for the love of music and the stage). Many sacrifices were made but I always try my best to balance my personal LeeChaeRin life and CL life.

The past couple years I went through some changes, both good and bad. I went through breakups; from my love, to my group...etc
I was completely broken.
It was not easy for me because this was all I had in my life.

So I needed time to heal,
Took this chance and time for me to grow, to learn, explore, discover, realize, and figure some things out.

I tried to rush it and it made it worse so I decided to let it be.
To take my time and see where it took me.

I wanna say, I have the best team in the world both east and west working hard every day for the best of me.
Can't wait to give back all the love and energy you guys have sent me.
Quality over quantity right?
Miss you guys

And I truly appreciate all the album delay jokes you guys are so creative lol

+LOVE your Internet mom CL AKA Queen of album delays+


Tags: asian celebrities, music / musician (alternative and indie)

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