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Brian Austin Green Reveals He and Megan Fox Are Considering Having a 4th Child After Reconciling

· Former teen heartthrob & current Mr Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, said in an interview that he really wants to have a daughter
· BAG has four sons - three ages 4 & under with Megan and 15 y/o son Kassius from his relationship with Vanessa Marcil - and admitted he was hesitant to try for a girl since it might mean he'd end up with 5 boys and honestly who wants that??
· During her last pregnancy, Megan said she felt she was destined to be a #BoyMom and that having only sons might be her karmic lesson
· Megan & Brian filed for divorce in 2015 and later announced their reconciliation/upcoming third child. His best advice to making marriage work is to just stick with it

Thank you for donating your DNA to the shared dream of birthing our own colony of teen heart throbs. #mcm #colonymission

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Are your parents disappointed about ur gender?
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