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Natalie Portman interviews Lily-Rose Depp for CR Fashion Book

Natalie & Lily-Rose co-star in Planetarium, about two spiritualist sisters in 1930s France.

choice excerpts:
NATALIE PORTMAN: I heard that your photoshoot for CR was really special.

LILY-ROSE DEPP: I love working with Carine. She actually styled the first shoot that I did for Chanel when I was 15. This time I got to show a little more skin and be a little more sexy. I had just turned 18, so I was ready to up the ante.
NP: Growing up, what was it like having both the French and the American sides to your family?

LRD: Weirdly enough, I feel pretty connected to both cultures. I can seem fully French when I’m in France or totally like a Valley girl when I’m in L.A. [Laughs]

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