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Natalie Portman interviews Lily-Rose Depp for CR Fashion Book

Natalie & Lily-Rose co-star in Planetarium, about two spiritualist sisters in 1930s France.

choice excerpts:
NATALIE PORTMAN: I heard that your photoshoot for CR was really special.

LILY-ROSE DEPP: I love working with Carine. She actually styled the first shoot that I did for Chanel when I was 15. This time I got to show a little more skin and be a little more sexy. I had just turned 18, so I was ready to up the ante.
NP: Growing up, what was it like having both the French and the American sides to your family?

LRD: Weirdly enough, I feel pretty connected to both cultures. I can seem fully French when I’m in France or totally like a Valley girl when I’m in L.A. [Laughs]

NP: It’s so impressive to be able to act in two languages.

LRD: The movie I’m shooting in September is my first in French. I’m the main character and I’m speaking in French the whole time, so I’m really nervous. When I talk fast in French I tend to stumble on my words a lot, so I have to work on that.

NP: What are the big cultural differences between France and the United States?

LRD: There’s something more personable in Europe than there is here. In the States, there’s more of a facade that I see people putting on. For me, the French culture is richer. It’s also easy to prefer Europe given the present state of things. I would have been nicer to America a year ago. The way politics is going, it’s hard for me to sit down and point out all the things that I love about America.

NP: You didn’t get to vote in this last election, did you?

LRD: No, I just missed it.

NP: That’s got to be really frustrating to feel like you didn’t even get to have a say.

LRD: It was really frustrating. Of course I’m not even seeing the half of it. I’m not feeling the effects that so many other people are feeling. I can’t even imagine actually living it and feeling these changes.

NP: One of the days that you did those scenes you were actually really sick with a stomach virus.

LRD: I was not about to go home. I was the youngest one on set and it was my first really serious movie.

NP: You don’t like to let anybody down.

LRD: A lot of people think I’m only acting because of my dad, that I have not had to work as hard to be seen or recognized in the industry, so I think because of that it makes me want to work twice as hard to prove to everyone that I’m not just doing this because it’s easy to do. I’m not just doing it because it runs in the family.

full interview @ the source

❤️ L I L Y - R O S E ❤️
“A young icon at age 18 with several starring roles to her name, @lilyrose_depp is one of the most promising talents born in 1999.” — @carineroitfeld on cover star of #CR1999 photographed by @stevenkleinstudio. On newsstands September 7th. Creative direction by @thestylecouncilparis.

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